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IPacket offers robust video programming over Wi-Fi, fiber, cable or satellite - delivering premium services at a value-based price.

Properties with IPacket's Managed Wi-Fi are enabled with the technology infrastructure and customer support to provide their Wi-Fi users with the highest quality over the top (OTT) video streaming experience. This uninterrupted streaming experience is possible because of:

  • Next-Generation Technology: IPacket delivers high quality, consistent Wi-Fi speeds at the published rates. Today’s nationwide carriers market and deliver an “up-to” speed philosophy. Our Wi-Fi speeds are never throttled or capped, resulting in the stable, strong Wi-Fi signal required to deliver an uninterrupted HD streaming experience.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: IPacket’s customer support technicians are trained to step users through all aspects of their internet service. This includes answering questions about OTT video options, as well as setting up video and gaming accounts on phones, TV’s, tablets, etc. The following are a few examples of the available OTT video services and devices: Apple TV, Sling TV, Playstation Vue, Roku, Netflix, and the recently announced, YouTube TV.

In addition to enabling high quality OTT video streaming over our Managed Wi-Fi network, IPacket also offers a robust selection of traditional video network media:

  • Terrestrial digital cable
  • Digital satellite video network
  • Premium channels and HD service options
  • Community property channel
  • Hybrid over the top service
  • Migration path to IPTV

Video product content offerings include:

  • Local network affiliates
  • International networks
  • Standard and premium digital channel packages
  • Premium sports and movie channels
  • Residential and commercial pay-per-view options