About IPacket Networks

Management Team

Eric L. Pratt - CEO, IPacket Networks

Eric has a distinguished record of building highly successful, profitable organizations in the high-tech, telecommunications industry. Before joining IPacket Networks, Eric spent the past 10 years as CEO of Taqua, an innovative technology vendor focused on VoIP, VoWiFi and VoLTE technology (acquired by Sonus Networks in 2016). Prior to joining Taqua, Eric’s background includes 20 years of experience holding various senior executive positions at Tekelec, Avatech Solutions, Telecom Technologies, InterVoice and DSC Communications.

G. Michael Eastep - COO, IPacket Networks

Mike has an exceptional record in the telecommunications industry. Previous to IPacket Networks, Mike dedicated nearly thirty years to building worldwide telecommunications networks and innovating technology for equipment manufacturers. Prior to founding IPacket, he was VP of Operations at Sonus Networks, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer who led the development of next-generation voice over Internet equipment. Mike also served on the Board of Directors for Sonus Networks India, pvt. ltd.. Prior to Sonus, Mike spent four years at Telecom Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Sonus), as the COO of the firm that pioneered the development of softswitch technology. Prior to Telecom Technologies, Mike spent fifteen years at MCI Communications. Beginning with MCI at the onset of the Bell System divestiture in 1984, Mike held management positions in various engineering disciplines. Prior to leaving MCI, he held the position of Director of Switch Engineering where he oversaw development of MCI's local, national and international switching systems. Mike holds six US and international patents in the area of Internet communications.

Luis Santos - Engineering, IPacket Networks

Luis brings over twenty-five years of experience in telecommunications engineering, network design, and product integration to his role at IPacket Networks, where he is responsible for all network and systems engineering and design. Prior to IPacket, Luis spent eight years as Director of Vendor Product Integration at Sonus Networks. Previous to Sonus, Luis' background includes 13 years of holding various key management and engineering positions at MCI Communications.

Don Heckman - Operations, IPacket Networks

Don has over twenty-five years of experience and progressive responsibility in diverse telecommunications roles. Don brings a wealth of network operational and engineering experience to IPacket Networks. Prior to IPacket, Don was the VP of Network Planning and Engineering for Qwest, where he deployed their fiber optic network and developed and managed operational and support systems for all network services and applications. Before Qwest, Don held numerous senior management and engineering positions at LCI and MCI Communications. Don is a proud former member of the United States Navy.