Camera Surveillance Systems

IPacket exclusively deploys Mobotix next-generation cameras. These state-of-the-art cameras are precisely distributed to cover each property’s most vulnerable, high activity areas to achieve the most thorough surveillance footprint.

Every HD camera operates independently as its own standalone unit, with customizable recording options based on motion, sound and unique property requirements. Cameras can be installed discretely in places like elevators and community rooms, or openly in order to instill a high level of protection perception and awareness.

Prior to deploying a surveillance system, IPacket conducts an extensive site survey to determine the specific models and quantity of cameras needed, and their precise placement throughout the property. With IPacket's surveillance expertise, generally less cameras are required due to conscientious placement and the fact that a single Mobotix camera has the technological capability to survey a much larger area.

IPacket provides a truly turn-key service throughout the life of every surveillance system. We install, support and monitor each camera, taking the burden off the customer when it comes to maintenance, video editing and technical expertise. Every surveillance system comes with a centralized online monitoring program that is installed at the property site. Additionally, if footage of an event is desired, simply place a call to customer support and IPacket will deliver the rest.

Surveillance System Features

  • Autonomous, intelligent cameras

    Event triggered intelligence and memory integrated directly into the camera allows for independent storage, recording, and operation. Cameras are optimized for remote applications and cloud technology by reducing the video bandwidth. High frame rate video is stored onboard, and lower frame rate playback and images can easily be streamed on demand.

  • Smart activity trigger

    MxActivitySensor feature detects moving objects even in the worst weather conditions like heavy rain and snow fall. This sensor is self-configuring, reduces false alarms and saves on configuration and maintenance costs. Event controlled recording optimizes network storage with option to record at a lower frame rate/second when camera is inactive, and a higher frame rate/second when activity trigger occurs.

  • Multiple camera models available

    Cameras available for every deployment type and setting- indoor, outdoor, discrete, thermograpic, low-light, etc. Outdoor cameras are constructed with a reinforced fiberglass outer housing so enclosures are not required.

  • High quality = less cameras needed

    Every camera records in ultra high resolution quality and has built in Moonlight Sensor Technology, which produces brilliant videos even in difficult low-light conditions. Cameras have a decentralized architecture that executes video analysis and event detection internally, and handles buffering on an outside server. This results in very reliable systems that require fewer servers and less power consumption.

  • Audio and notifications

    Each camera is a SIP endpoint that can be integrated into an IP/PBX so the camera can be called and “talked to” from any phone. Cameras come with built in speaker and microphone with audio recording capability, set triggers to play audio when activity is detected, and create custom email/SMS event triggered notifications.

Quality Matters!

Play the YouTube video below to view an IPacket camera stream of Panama City Beach!

IPacket is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Licensing and Registration Service (registration #B19180) – Private Security Program.