Smart Home

Ensure total peace of mind when your residence is unoccupied with a suite of Wi-Fi connected devices installed, managed and supported by IPacket’s expert customer support technicians. IPacket’s managed Smart Home services take residential securing and monitoring to a new level of intelligence and ease.

Making your residence forward-thinking, Wi-Fi connected Smart Home is as simple as placing an order. IPacket does more than provide turn-key installation and setup, we proactively monitor and support all your Smart Home components to ensure your residence is operating at maximum efficiency.

Smart Home Components

Resort Lock:

  • Control residence access from anywhere in the world by creating and managing access codes for short-term guests, property management, etc.
  • Create new codes from a computer or phone (works with Airbnb Host Assist to automatically generate guest codes)
  • Audit trail – know who has been inside and when
  • No annual lock fees
  • Create text notifications when access codes are used

Smart Tags

  • Wireless sensor tags placed throughout a residence to stay informed of inside activities (i.e. motion, door/window opened/closed, water leaks, temperature or humidity exceeding limits, etc.).
  • Monitors HVAC system performance and operation and sends an alert before the onset of damaging mold growth
  • Monitors drip pan under water heater or HVAC and sends alert before leaks spread
  • Passive inferred motion detection knows when your residence is in use
  • Create custom notification based on specific triggers/events

Nest Thermostat and Detectors

  • 3rd generation learning thermostat
  • Automatically senses occupancy/vacancy and turns system on or off to save money on utilities
  • Smart smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarm system