Managed Wi-Fi - Property

IPacket’s Managed Wi-Fi for properties leverages our state-of-the-art software and hardware to provide the most consistent, highest quality Wi-Fi internet service. Our fully managed Wi-Fi solution is synergistically engineered for optimum performance, monitored 24/7 and supported by unmatched customer support.

IPacket’s business-grade routers are provisioned with specialized software that puts our internet connectivity experience in a class of its own. Managed Wi-Fi allows property owners to provide their residents, businesses and guests with a dedicated carrier-grade Wi-Fi service to stream seamlessly across every device.

The value of IPacket’s Managed Wi-Fi is not only its unprecedented speed, consistency and reliability, but also its forward-thinking technology architecture. IPacket’s Managed Wi-Fi is a future-proofed solution designed to deliver the highest quality services today, with the capacity to seamlessly evolve to handle technological advances of the future.

In the years to come, over the top video, gaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and other technologies will require robust Wi-Fi networks to run efficiently. By deploying IPacket’s Managed Wi-Fi now, you can ensure that your network investment will always scale to deliver the best possible service regardless of increasing capacity and consumption requirements.

Managed Wi-Fi - Residence

The same Managed Wi-Fi Property hardware and software evolved to provide enhanced residential wireless service for buildings with sub-standard Internet services.

When a building’s existing Wi-Fi service just isn’t cutting it, IPacket’s Managed Wi-Fi can be deployed within individual rooms and locations to maximize the speed and performance of the existing Internet provider’s service. IPacket Wi-Fi routers are installed with provisioned software that delivers a better, more consistent grade of service.

Managed Wi-Fi for residences comes with IPacket’s 24/7/365 onsite and remote customer service, which means your Wi-Fi service will be proactively monitored and supported around the clock.

Managed Wi-Fi - Features

  • Business class fiber delivers speeds from 1-10 Gbps to the property
  • Entire building synergistically engineered for optimum Wi-Fi performance - RF study completed at every site
  • Scalable, cost effective network footprint, from single rooms/locations to entire property (including beach front)
  • Business grade hardware and firewall with inter-device security
  • Innovative IPacket engineered software delivers superior internet speed, consistency and reliability across all devices
  • 24/7 network operations center monitoring with predictive analysis, remote customer service via US-based technicians and local, in-region IT support

Managed Wi-Fi - Benefits

  • A sustainable, high speed Wi-Fi network, void of “cold spots”, for every type of building construction
  • No consumption limits and unlimited number of devices
  • Secured Wi-Fi login with customizable passwords and SSIDs
  • Wireless speeds at actual published level (IPacket does not market an “up to” philosophy of speed and quality that’s commonly used in the industry)
  • Streamline processes with one turnkey vendor for all your communication and technology needs
  • Internet site Welcome Page that includes local information and ability for owner and guest to individually upgrade service
  • Business-class Gigabit Access Point (802.11 B/G/N/AC)